SUNSET PARK HOUSE #1 is a ground up, high-end custom residential project located in Sunset Park, Santa Monica, CA.  The project is currently in the entitlements phase and will start to construction summer of 2017.

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Highland Park Housing consists of two detached duplexes, comprising 4 2-bed, 2-bath units with indoor parking and ground floor office space.  The project is ground-up, and designed carefully to maximize its greatest site features which were a spectacular view of the mountains to the north east.  The project utilized a reclaimed corrugated aluminum siding cladding to both give privacy to the occupants, but also to frame the view of the mountains and surrounding natural beauty.  As such, the solar angles were carefully studied to maximize natural sunlight, and to cut down on energy consumption.



silverlake house #1

The Silverlake House #1 is a ground up custom hillside residential project located in Franklin Hills, Silverlake (Los Angeles).  The primary project goal was to bring the outdoor environment to the indoors.  To achieve this, the project is oriented towards its views of significant natural and man-made landmarks which it bare witness to.  The downtown skyline of Los Angeles is visible from the master bedroom corner windows.  Views of the lush green landscape of Franklin Hills can be enjoyed through the living room corner windows, as well as the full-height accordion glass door systems which link the kitchen to the patio.  Views of Griffith Park Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign through the rooftop deck, as well as the downtown skyline. Slight variations in floor elevation create a sense of individuality to each interior and exterior space, giving the feeling of separate "rooms", while offering a continuity of light, space, and views.